Fitmax Therapy Pool D (Heater & Deluxe Filter Pump Set)

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Interested in mainly aquatic exercise besides swimming?

Designed exclusively for small spaces without sacrificing utility, the Fitmax Therapy Pool D is a deluxe set that adds a powerful heater and deluxe filter pump to our popular easy to maintain Fitmax Therapy Pool. Normal above ground pools need a space of fourteen feet or more to spread out the pressure that comes with offering a four foot deep swimming pool. The Fitmax Therapy Pool has a strong, durable galvanized steel frame and thick river rafting liner to handle the water pressure in a smaller area. Customize your pool with various fitness accessories you can consider to turn it into your very own aquatic therapy center:

The Fitmax Aquatic Bicycle lets you cycle with all the fun of riding a bike but without the joint strain or injury. Play your favorite song list with an iPod and burn the fat away!

The Aquabilt Aquatic Treadmill gives you all the heart healthy benefits without knee or joint strain. Feel relief, strengthen your lungs and heart, and be marathon ready without the next day aches and pains.

Worried about installing and maintaining a pool yourself? The Fitmax Therapy Pool D can be assembled in less than an hour and requires only an ounce of chlorine a week. We even offer a salt water system option and a third party installation service if you need it. Our team is happy to support you with a five year warranty and seven days a week customer service.


Product Dimensions
-Pool Size: 7ft x 7ft
-Height: 54 inches
-Dimension/Space required: 8.5 x 8.5ft, recommended 9 x 9
-Depth: Water depth 4 feet
-Test Method: ASTM D3776 to test the durability of our products
-Frame: Zinc Coated Galvanized Steel
-Liner: Multilayer Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh (Popular In River Rafts/Artificial Lake Beds)


  • Ladder
  • 2500 gph Filter Pump
  • 5.5kw Electric Heater
  • Cover
  • Floor Sheet
  • Repair Kit
  • Winterizing Plugs or Cap

Heater Specifications:

This is a professional pool spa heater that will require an electrician to install. Please consult a professional before purchasing and installing heater. The specifications for the heater are:
– Single phase 3 wire 240 volts
– Draws 30 amps & 5.5kw.

Please note a GFCI breaker is not necessary to use the heater

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A Heated Home Therapy Pool That Fits Almost Anywhere!

Fitmax Aquatic Therapy Pool provides a user with hours of exercising, at a lower cost with fewer chemicals and less space than a traditional therapy pool. Aquatic Therapy centers are loaded with harsh chemicals because of the volume of patients that use these pools. More importantly, the Therapy iPool takes up only 79 square feet of space. The Therapy iPool comes in one size, 7’x7′, total footprint 9×9′ and stands 54″ tall. The Therapy iPool fits almost anywhere whether within the garage or backyard. If installed indoors floor must be able to withstand at least ten tons of weight and have a way to drain water without damaging the property. The Fitmax Therapy Pool comes with a 110v 2500 gph Deluxe Filter Pump and 5.5 kw 240v heater