iPool-3D (iPool3 with Heater & Deluxe Pump)

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Your normal above ground pool needs to be about sixteen feet long to manage three and a half feet depth of water. The deeper the pool the longer it ends up getting so it can spread this water pressure over a wider surface area. Once you make the pool rectangle shape, the pool walls need to be even stronger because water pressure expands outward as a circle. But not all of us have a big enough backyard with sixteen feet of extra space that we want to fill with five thousand gallons of water.
Our iPool® is different. Five layers of river rafting liner and a thicker galvanized steel frame gives you a above ground pool sturdy enough to handle four feet depth of water pressure and still fit into your garage or basement!

Sick and tired of having to plan your whole day around chronic pain? Worried about side effects like numbness and loss of bladder control that come with using an epidural needle? Dip into soothing warm water just like the ancient Greeks and feel all that pain, stress, and anxiety finally melt away. Our heated iPool 3-D is available whenever you want, right in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your own home.

Never installed or a first time pool owner? No worries! The iPool 3-D can be put together in less than an hour and requires only an ounce of chlorine a week. We offer a salt water system option too for the chlorine sensitive also. You can rest assured with a five year warranty and seven days a week customer service the iPool 3-D is a personal therapy pool and water gym at an unbeatable price.

An Endless Pool is a great product, but at the end of the day can cost more than $25,000 including installation fees.

The standard Endless Pool and Swim Spa is made out of a steel or acrylic shell. The iPool® is different and utilizes construction quality galvanized steel in an easy to set up frame that only takes you an hour to assemble instead of days. You save on extra installation fees, and a few thousand dollars off the bat with some simple engineering and ingenuity.

Unlike the Endless Pool we don’t use a noisy motor. Our patented dual harness system lets you swim endlessly with no artificial current to fight against. There is no fun having water slam into your face every time you want to take a swim. Isn’t water therapy supposed to be fun and relaxing?

With the iPool® adjust the resistance with our knobs, close your eyes and swim any stroke you want including backstrokes. Our iPool 3-D has 54″ of depth and is deeper than the average 39″ of an Endless Pool. Our 7×10’’ set up is made for anyone below seven feet tall so don’t worry about your arms hitting the floor or the walls of the pool. There are no gimmicks or black boxes with our products. We just use simple design and efficiency to bring you a private therapy pool one tenth the cost of the competition, add in some of our great accessories like a pull up bar or aquatic bicycle and you have all the uses of a swimming pool and home gym combined!

Our iPool 3-D is an exercise therapy pool set that includes a heater, heater connectors, stainless steel ladder, swimming harness, ground tarp, basic cover, and deluxe filter pump.

Product Dimensions:

-Height (Railing): 54″
-Body of Pool: 7’X10′
-Total Footprint including Base: 8.5′ X 11.5′ recommended 9’x12′ for installation
-Water Depth: 4 ft
-Height including overhead Support: 8″
-Test Method: ASTM D3776 to test the durability of our products
-Frame: Zinc Coated Galvanized Steel
-Liner: Multilayer Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh (Popular In River Rafts/Artificial Lake Beds)


  • Swimming Harness
  • Ladder
  • 2500 gph Filter Pump
  • 11kw 240v Electric Heater with Hose Converters
  • Cover
  • Floor Sheet
  • Repair Kit
  • Winterizing Plugs or Cap

Heater Specifications:

This is a professional pool spa heater that will require an electrician to install. Please consult a professional before purchasing and installing heater. The specifications for the heater are:
– Single phase 3 wire 240 volts
– Draws 60 amps & 11kw

Please note a GFCI breaker is not necessary to use the heater


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After years of development, FitMAX Inc. is proud to introduce the iPool 3-D (Infinity Pool 3 Deluxe) . The iPool 3 is taller and deeper than the iPool I (4ft of water vs 3ft) but still small enough to allow you to enjoy the latest in resistance swimming. This new iPool 3 Deluxe set includes the iPool 3 and a heater that gives you therapeutic benefits of warm water in your own private pool. The iPool 3 takes up only six square meters of space, less than a minivan. iPool 3 fits almost anywhere in backyard or within the garage. iPool 3 can be assembled by 2 people in about an hour. FitMAX recommends a 8.5×11.5x 7.5ft space to install the iPool, if installed indoors floor must be able to withstand at least ten tons of weight and have a way to drain water without damaging the property.