FitMax founder Lawrence Chang had a vision: after moving to the United States, he wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities the U.S. provided. Having lived in Taiwan for thirty years, he saw many of his friends and mentors begin to suffer from the effects of old age, including osteoporosis, arthritis, and even heart disease. This inspired him to create a product that could help people alleviate these symptoms and improve their health and their lives as a whole. Recognizing that swimming was a great, natural way to perform low-impact exercise, he began researching pools and immediately began to see a trend of high prices and low-quality products.

Wanting to provide people with the benefits of having their own, private swimming pool at home, Chang spent over four years designing the perfect product—the iPool. Today, thousands of people all over the United States are enjoying the benefits of these affordable, resilient, and life-changing pools.

iPool’s success continues to grow, and aside from the trusted quality of the product, the company’s commitment to its customers is another big selling point. Not only can you expect timely and friendly answer to any of your questions, but feedback is a big part of the iPool’s constant evolution. In fact, the solar blanket cover, umbrella, and pull-up bars are all additions based off customer suggestions.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, high-quality swimming pool, there’s no better choice than iPool! Contact us today and start enjoying the benefits of having warm water therapy and aquatic exercise available in the comfort of your own home!